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IconFolder  HTML indent  WinStrips  WinTabel  Rekenen  WinPuzzel  WinKalender  Clock  EasyTimer  Deskcal  Addtext2pic  Filedate  Find  Can't move mouse  Screensaver 

IconFolder ()
Add an icon to a map

HTML indent ()
Align your HTML. Every tag jumps in and every endtag jumps out

Comic database(3 MB) ()

Competition table (3Mb) ()

exerciseprogram for math ()

Push puzzle ()

Make your own calandars with a picture ()
Framework 1.1 needed

systemtrayclock ()
Systemtray clock Add as manny alarms as you want
You can launch any type of program supported by your system(sound, video or even text or Excel files) you can set an alamr for each day that you want or ony once(make the checkbox gray) Addapt all kinds of colors that the program uses. Framework 2.0 needed
alarms tray digi

Timer program. ()
Create timers with sound of your choice(wav en mp3)
NewTimer EasyTimer

Calender and desktop changer! ()
change on time the desktop. agendaitems are optional showned. A message is showned on the desktop when it is time for the agendaitem

Add text to one or more pictures ()

Change the date and time from Windows files ()

Find ()
Find recursively files with some text(optional) and 1 or more filenameformats(extension, name)

Can't move mouse ()
PRANK: You can't move the mouse over 200px. You can override the distance with a shortcut. Add the number of pixels after the exename. The only thing you see is an icon in the systembar. Stop this with win-alt-F6.

Photoscreensaver ()
Screensaver with all photos (jpg, bmp, png, gif) random from 1 folder and subfolders. Works over multiple screens. Download and save to a folder of your choice and install it by right-clicking on the file.